GOLD Parser Builder Documentation

Command Line Version
Version 5 and Later


The Builder is the main component of the GOLD Parsing System. The main duty of the Builder is to read a source grammar written in the GOLD Meta-Language, produce the LALR and DFA parse tables, and, finally, save this information to Compiled Grammar Table file.

This is a command line version of the Windows 32-bit application. The three major features of the Builder Application: Compiled Grammar Table file generation, Skeleton Program Creation and Grammar Testing, were implemented using separate executables.

  • goldbuild
    Analyzes a grammar and creates the EGT. CGT or XML file
  • goldprog
    Creates a skeleton program using a template and EGT (or CGT) file
  • goldtest
    Tests a grammar using 1 (or more) test files and saves the resulting parse information.
  • goldwebpage
    Creates a useful webpage for a EGT or CGT file.
  • yacctogold
    Translates a YACC Grammar to a GOLD Grammar