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The following is a list of versions released in 2006.

Version 3.2.4 (December 9, 2006)

  • A help button was added to the Log Window. This button is basically identical to the button located on the main toolbar.
  • The 'Do you want to save changes' prompt was improved. Before, the prompt only asked if you wanted to continue. The new prompt will save the grammar and/or tables before continuing.
  • Fixed an error in the character mapping table The Greek character Mu was entered into the case mapping table. The system was adding an equivalent character located in the Greek section of Unicode. The error does not adversely affect any compiled grammar.
  • Fixed a bug in XML encoding. When the system created a skeleton program, it was not converting < and > to the &lt; and &gt; codes.

Version 3.2.3 (October 26, 2006)

  • Fixed a bug in the Create a Skeleton Program utility. The bug affected all program template variables that contained a period. In these cases, the system would not insert any text.

Version 3.2.2 (October 1, 2006)

  • The installation script was updated. The previous version of the installation contained a bug that caused a "files out of date" error message to be displayed. This was a bug located in the package and deployment software I was using. The software was patched and the installation should be problem-free.
  • Files can now be automatically opened from the Windows shell. The .grm and .cgt file extensions are now automatically associated with the GOLD Builder application. Program templates (.pgt) are currently not associated.
  • The application's icon was changed. The new version is essentially identical to the old one except is it brighter and looks better when scaled down.
  • The input font used in the Find and Replace windows was changed. The font was changed from Arial to Courier. A fixed-width font, like Courier, is far easier to read when the user enters a nonterminal.
  • The positions of the Indent and Unindent toolbar buttons were switched.
  • The positions of the Comment Block and Uncomment Block buttons were switched.
  • Some tab order issues were fixed. When users press the 'tab' key, focus jumps to the next logical control. Some of the controls, however, were out of order.

Version 3.2.1 (July 22, 2006)

  • The symbol's name was added to the 'Unused Terminal' warning title. If the log is exported to a text file, this change makes the items actually meaningful.
  • The window's dimensions are only saved if the window is normalized. Beforehand, the window dimensions were saved even if the window was maximized. This was problematic the next time the application was loaded.
  • Fixed the menu enabled/disable bug. Some of the items in the menu were not disabled when the system was busy.

Version 3.2 (July 14, 2006)

  • The import grammar utility now supports Bison. The new version can import grammars written in either YACC or Bison. In addition, the system displays the import progress on screen.
  • Added a 'prior definition' warning for rules. If a rule is defined in two different locations, the system will now log a warning. Often, for large grammars, it is easy to accidently create rules with the same name.
  • The system now reports an error if a 'duplicate rule' is defined. Beforehand, the system simply reported a warning.
  • The column width option for Export to Formatted Text was improved. The column width text box was changed to a combo box. This is a very minor change.
  • The system will now display a window if an error occurs during load time. Before, the application simply halted and created an error log.
  • Fixed a bug in some of the pre-defined character sets. The bug affected the {ANSI Printable}, {All Valid}, and {Control Codes} sets. Special thanks to Bill White for reporting the bug.

Version 3.1.1 (June 5, 2006)

  • The system now remembers the window size. Each time the application is closed, the current size of the window is now saved into the Registry. The next time the system starts, the window will be restored to this size.
  • You can now specify if the printer font will be bold. Before, only the font name and size could be specified.
  • The Pascal Engine Template is now included. Rob van den Brink created an engine for the Object Pascal Programming Language. The template creates a full-functioning program that does not require you to load a Compiled Grammar Table file."
  • Updated the Help Icon. The new version is a basic blue rounded-box. It is far simpler - and far more aesthetically appealing - than the last version.
  • Updated the Tip of the Day Window. The size of the text area was increased.
  • The escape key can now be used to close the Find Window and Replace Window.
  • Fixed an editor bug when a CGT was loaded. I was not disabling all the edit features when a CGT was loaded. This allowed a copy or paste into the grammar window - resetting the system. This was a minor bug.
  • Some buttons were not disabled when a CGT was loaded. When a CGT is loaded, the 'save' button needed to be disabled. If pressed, it would save the text in the editor window into the CGT file - destroying it.
  • A rare 'printer selection' bug was fixed. If the name of the printer is over 32 characters, the system was not able to properly select it. This was the result of the 32-character limit of Windows API.
  • Fixed a printing word-wrap bug. In very rare situations, the system would not word-wrap a line before the text entered the right margin.

Version 3.1 (May 31, 2006)

  • The Options Window was improved. You can now specify the font used in the Test Window and the various tables. I also added the 'bold' checkbox. Before, only the font name and size could be specified.
  • Program templates were improved. The CHAR-SET block now supports some additional tags designed to create a list using range characters. For instance, the list '1,2,3,4,10' can be represented with '1..4,10'. The different parameter tags - such as ##DELIMITER can be set anywhere. This should make it easier to write readable templates.
  • The grammar window does not 'grey' when disabled.
  • Added some more onscreen notifications when testing grammars. The system can take a while to load the parse actions into the window for large test files. The system now displays a message in the status window.
  • The startup size of the main window was changed. When the application first loaded, the size of the main window was a tad small. Now, the system will set the window to 80% of the desktop size.
  • The startup (Modified) flag was fixed. When the Builder first loads, it puts a short comment description in the grammar window. The system was setting the 'Modified' flag to true. This meant, when you attempted to load a grammar, the system would prompt if you wanted to save changes. This is a minor, albeit annoying, bug.
  • Fixed a bug when parsing large test files. When large test files were parsed, the system would crash if more than 16k reductions were performed. This was the result of a 16-bit integer used to store the reduction number. The number is now 32-bit. Special thanks to Bob Moore for his help.

Version 3.0.3 (January 1, 2006)

  • The 'Help' toolbar icon was updated. The new version is slightly different. I am finally satisfied with how it looks.
  • The Export Parse Tree feature was fixed. The Export Parse Tree feature can be used to export a tree, created in the Test Window, to an ASCII file. The tree is drawn using ASCII characters. I had failed to notice the function displayed the header in each recursive call - which was a careless mistake.
  • Added some 'Tool Tips' to buttons. Tool tips display short text descriptions when you hover your mouse over a control for a few moments. I forgot to add them to several buttons on the main window. This included the new 'Auto Align' feature that was added in version 3.0.2. This is very minor bug.

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