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This is the main download page for the GOLD Parser Builder, Engine and various grammars and tools.

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This page contains a collection of different grammars for the GOLD Parser Builder. These include basic examples as well as academic and common programming languages. 

Example Grammars
Builder & Tools

The GOLD Builder is used to analyze a grammar and create the Compiled Grammar Table file used by the different implementations of the Engine. This application contains a large number of features designed to make the development of your language a breeze.

This section also contains a number of additional development tools.

GOLD Parser Builder
Parse Tables

Unlike the Builder, the Engine is designed to work with a specific programming language and/or programming platform. The job of the Engine is to read the parse tables created by the Builder, and then perform the actual parsing. The Engine is the software you will use to create your compiler or interpreter.

Each different implementation of the Engine will vary - depending on the language in which it is written. Different programming languages, such as Delphi, C++ and Visual Basic use different approaches to design and write software. As a result,  As a result, an implementation of the Engine written for Visual Basic 6 will differ greatly from one written for ANSI C.

This page contains numerous implementations of the Engine created by generous computer scientists.

Parser Engine
Parsed Data


Miscellaneous Downloads
Master's Project Report:
Design and Development of a Grammar Oriented Parsing System

I converted my Master's Project Report, called "Design and Development of a Grammar Oriented Parsing System", to the popular PDF format. The report was finished on August 24th, 2004.

The document is a total of 527 pages long.  About 100 pages of which contain a side-by-side comparison of LALR states created by both YACC and GOLD for the ANSI C programming language. The large page count is also do to thesis formatting requirements - in particular, the use of double spacing and 1.5 inch margins.

Author : Devin Cook Download Adobe Acrobat
Size : 2 MB (zipped)
Pages : 527
Date : 08-24-2004
File Format : Adobe Acrobat PDF