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GOLD Parser Builder
GOLD Parser Builder
Windows XP/Vista/7
UPDATE! The GOLD Parser Builder is used to analyze a grammar and create the Compiled Grammar Table file used by the different implementations of the Engine. This application contains a large number of features designed to make the development of your language a breeze.
Version: 5.2
Size: 983 KB
GOLD Parser Builder
Binaries Only
Windows XP/Vista/7
UPDATE! This download contains just the binaries rather than the full setup program.
Version: 5.2
Size: 377 KB
Builder Command Line
Command Line Interface
Windows XP/Vista/7
UPDATE! This is a command line version of the Windows application. Four of the main features of the Builder Application: Build parse tables, Create Webpage, Skeleton Program Creation, YACC to GOLD conversion,  and Grammar Testing were implemented using separate executables.
Version: 5.2 
Size: 377 KB


Tools and Add-Ons

Grammar Edit Click to see a full pictureDmitry Lamdan submitted an excellent application designed to write grammars.

The application contextually highlights reserved words, terminals, rules, etc... and even interactively allows the developer see which rules and terminals have been defined and those which have not yet been.

Author: Dmitry Lamdan
Version: 1.2
Size: 438 KB
This website contains Max Battcher's fast growing selection of excellent GOLD tools. These include his new EvParser, which is a wrapper class, and GOLDDot software, which can be used with AT&T Dot to create graphs of rules, and parse tables.

GUnit Beta
A General Unit Testing framework focused for GOLD grammar building (alongside the console interfaces to GOLD Builder), has been released as beta.

Built a simple proof of concept "editor" (syntax highlighter) for Gold Grammars that uses the existing CGT and GSS (from GoldDot) files.

GoldParser and GSS Changes
A delegate-based wrapper of the existing Parser class, was added to GoldParser, simplifying (IMO) much of the code necessary in parsing a script. Also, GSS was rewritten to take advantage of the new techniques. I may release updated compiled assemblies shortly, but the changes should already be in CVS. Documentation needs to be updated, but hasn't been yet...

GoldDot b3
Beta 3 release of GoldDot (along with the requisite GoldParser and GSS DLLs). All major functionality should now be in place, and the final release should be around the corner.

VIM Syntax File This is a syntax file for the popular VIM Text Editor. This program is an improved version of the common VI Editor that contains syntax highlighting and other features designed for software engineers. The editor in the Builder is very simple - being merely a TextBox control.
Author: Abderraouf El Gasser
Application: VIM