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Intel x86 Assembly Engine
by Ege Madra

Source Code & DLL Ege Madra created a version of the Engine using the Intel x86 Assembly Language. The result is a super-fast version of the Engine can be used any language that supports DLLs.  The download contains the source code, a compiled DLL, and a program template.

From the ReadMe file:

GOLDx86Engine is written with x86 assembly language to ensure it has decent performance for serious compilers / interpreters.Another important aspect of it is that it is language neutral, that is, the functions contained in the DLL can be called from any programming language that is able to call windows functions such as C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi etc. The package contains 3 forms of the software:

  1. DLL version. As mentioned before, can be used by any language that can call a 32 bit Windows dll. Import library, and .def and .exp files are provided.
  2. Lib version. C/C++ and Assembler programmers can embed it to their applications to aviod distributing an additional dll. An include file for assembly programmers also included. C/C++ programmers should create their own header files.
  3. Assembler source code. You can modify or use it directly if you have MASM32 package to assemble it.
Author: Ege Madra
Language: Intel x86 Assembly
Language: Version 1.2
Version: October 24, 2006
Size: 32 KB