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Plug-in and Documentation
.NET Module This version of the Engine was implemented on Microsoft's new .NET® Platform. Developers using C#®,  Visual Basic .NET®, J#® or any of the .NET compliant programming languages can use this component to develop interpreters, translators and compilers.
Author: Marcus Klimstra
Version: 1.1 Beta
Size: 10 KB
Documentation Documentation is available for this implementation of the Engine.
DLL Max Battcher recompiled the .NET Module code into a standard DLL. This should allow easy development in Visual Studio and other related IDEs.
Author: Max Battcher
Size: 10 KB
Modified Engine Adrian Moore modified Marcus Klimstra's Engine so that the Compiled Grammar Table file can be an embedded resource in the assembly's manifest. As a result, the Reduction, LookAheadReader, GrammarReader and GoldParser objects were modified.
Author: Adrian Moore
Size: 19 KB
Source Code and Projects
C# Source Marcus Klimstra has translated the Visual Basic 5 source to Microsoft C#®. The ZIP file contains all the C# code used to create the .NET Module that you can download above. In addition, the source code includes the example Parse Tree project.
Author: Marcus Klimstra
Language: 1.1 Beta
Version: Microsoft C#
Size: 30 KB
Parse Tree
This is a simple project which loads a Compiled Grammar Table file and draws a parse tree for a given input string. An example grammar called  "Simple"  is included. This download includes the .NET Module.
Author: Marcus Klimstra
Language: Microsoft C#
Version: 1.1 Beta
Size: 14 KB
Simple Interpreter

(Visual Basic .NET)
Adrian Moore created an interpreter for the Simple grammar using his modified version of Marcus Klimsta's C# Engine. The actual project is written in Visual Basic .NET
Author: Adrian Moore
Size: 47 KB