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Plug-in and Documentation
Calitha .NET DLL Robert van Loenhout created the Calitha Engine using the C# Programming Language. The new version has the following improvements:  the ability to set user object in reductions,  performance improvement when using large character sets, font selection in test project, making user selections persistent between application sessions, and file source browsing and UTF-16 Little Endian BOM detection.

The zip file contains a signed DLL designed to work the .NET system.

Author: Robert van Loenhout
Version: 1.10
Size: 130 KB
Documentation Documentation is available for this implementation of the Engine.
Online Documentation
Downloadable Documentation
Program Template:
Dolan Version
This is a modified version of the program template included with the Robert van Loenhout's Calitha Engine. This version was modified to generate a tiny factory class "MyParserFactory". It was designed not to touch the other signatures in the MyParser class.
Author: Dave Dolan
Date: November 17, 2006

Source Code and Projects
  C# Source Robert van Loenhout created the Calitha Engine for the Microsoft .NET architecture. This version was written in Microsoft C#. He also supplied full documentation for using the DLL.
Author: Robert van Loenhout
Language: Microsoft C#
Version: 1.10
Size: 514 KB
Grammar Analyzer
Mat Housell submitted this sample project using the Calitha Engine. When a grammar is opened, it does some syntax highlighting, creates a tree view and other helpful reports.
Author: Mat Hounsell
Version: 1.1.1521