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The following is a list of versions released in 2010.

Version 4.1.1 (August 14, 2010)

  • Second attempt to fix a bug in saved CGT file headers. My attempt to fix the previous bug caused another one. This bug involved a conversion from a string literal to a floating point.
  • Added the ability change how grammar files are encoded. Normally, grammars are saved in either ASCII or UTF-8 depending if they contain a character outside the 0...127 range. You can now specify if you always want UTF-8 or UTF-16 to be used instead. This was placed in the Options Window.

Version 4.1 (August 10, 2010)

  • When printing grammars, you can now exclude line numbers. I added a checkbox to the Page Setup Window that specifies if you want line numbers printed.
  • The Export Webpage utility can save the source grammar with contextual coloring. When you export a grammar to a webpage, the system now colors the grammar the same way it is displayed in the editor.
  • Grammars are now automatically saved using UTF-8 (if needed). Previously, grammars were saved using ASCII encoding. This resulted in any non-ASCII character being saved as question marks. The system now scans the document for characters outside 0...127 and saves to UTF-8 if needed.
  • Fixed a bug in the header of saved CGT files. For regions that use a comma to separate whole numbers from and the fraction, the header contained a comma. This means, the header text was incorrect. However, most engines just ignore the header and the error was minimal (but careless).
  • The automatic definition for Whitespace changed. In 4.0, whitespace was automatically defined as {All Whitespace}+. However, some engines do not support all the characters in {All Whitespace}. Now, when 'Windows-1252' character encoding is used, the system will use {Whitespace}+. If encoding is set to 'Unicode', the system will use {Whitespace All}+

Version 4.0 (May 28, 2010)

  • The code was completely revamped. The source code for the Builder was converted from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET. In the process of converting the code, most of the objects and arrays were further optimized. The overall speed of the application improved.
  • New 24-pixel icons. The older 16x16 icons are getting a tad too small for many computer screens. The new icons also look quite a bit better! :-).
  • Contextual coloring in the grammar editor. The grammar editor now colors different grammar elements based on type. This is fairly common in most software development applications.
  • Lines can be bookmarked. Any line in the grammar can be bookmarked by clicking the column to the immediate left of the text. These bookmarks can be navigated from the toolbar.
  • Line numbers were added to the grammar editor.
  • Undo and Redo were added to the grammar editor. This also affects the Test Grammar window.
  • More advanced Find and Replace windows. The Find Window can now bookmark all found items.
  • When a conflict occurs, each item will be marked in the DFA/LALR browser. Beforehand, the system simply reported which symbols caused the conflict, but did not mark the productions that caused the conflict.
  • Symbol information windows were added. By double-clicking on any symbol in the different windows, the system will open a detail window showing where the symbol is used in productions, how it is defined, and which states accept it in the DFA.
  • Added a 'Project' menu. The menu contains all the commands that executed by clicking the 'Next' button on the bottom of the application. In the last version of the Builder, there was not a menu equivalent for that button. This was a GUI oversight.
  • Export Web Page tool was improved. The tool provides better control over colors and can save the cascading stylesheet as either a separate file or embedded into the web page. The HTML itself was also improved.
  • Added some predefined sets. Predefined sets for each of the Unicode codepoint blocks were added. In addition, a useful set was added called {Latin All} which includes all the Latin characters used in Unicode. These are scattered over several sections.
  • Added the Predefined Set Table window. This window contains all the predefined sets available to developers.
  • The grammar meta-language supports non-ASCII characters. Grammars can use any Unicode character. Simple text (for implicit terminal definitions and set definitions) can use any Latin character. Any Unicode character can be used between single-quoted literals and set literals.
  • The whitespace terminal is now implicitly defined using the {All Whitespace} set.  The new set includes the Unicode Line Separator {LS} and Paragraph Separator {PS}.
  • The Test Grammar window was revamped. The new version has better icons, line number, and a better overall GUI.
  • The Test Multiple File tool was updated. The new version adds some 'progress' features such as a progress bar and running totals.
  • Much better browsing in the LALR State Browser and DFA Browser. Symbols can be double-clicks as well as many other elements such as prior states, productions, etc....
  • The Page Setup Window was improved. The new version contains the same information, but is displayed far better than before.
  • The color scheme file format was revamped. These files used by the Export Webpage tool. The new format is still an simple .ini file. However, the keys and sections were changed. Eventually, these schemes can be applied to the Grammar Editor, data tables, etc.... This is not an essential feature, but it should be fun.
  • The Export Text window was revamped. The layout of the window was updated to use tabs. The exported text will also mark conflict markers like the LALR and DFA state browsers.
  • The Tips Window was removed. The tips were fairly worthless and marginally annoying.

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